George Lober

Shift of Light

Praise for Shift of Light

Ken Weisner, former editor of Quarry West and author of The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians writes, “George Lober’s poems are exquisite refractions-‘glistening/ shards of sound’-lines clean and true. Shift of Light is a book of sweet wit and solid wisdom; but at the heart of Lober’s work is his marvelous vulnerability and courage-as son, father, lover. You will be charmed-you will be won over-by this superb collection.”

William Minor, author of Some Grand Dust writes, Shift of Light reveals a fine eye for all forms of human landscape, external and internal, “how the world works,” and does so with risk taking sensitivity (“twenty dark hours/on a rain-swept empty street”) humility, love, hope and even “reticence” (dry, understated humor), and all the finely honed skill of a genuine poet who should now attract the attention, and praise, he so richly deserves.

Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts, in Casesura offers, “The wonder of Shift of Light then is this-whether addressed to the poet himself , or specifically to another, the poems reach out, put their arms around our shoulders, and press us close, each poem transforming experience, the way a sunrise can transform the Ha’upu range above Kalipaki Bay, where we stand with the poet, ‘witness [to] the way old ridges pulled / from the unseen are made young again / by a simple shift of light.'”

George Lober

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