George Lober

Take a Moment

Take a moment, or if that’s too much
to ask, take this one—take the next

sixty seconds of this poem as a gift,
no strings, no expectations,

except maybe that you use them
to take one breath that isn’t deadline

driven by something undone, or laced
with work and worry at the thought

of what is waiting for you at the job
tomorrow, one breath that isn’t wracked

by the eight things you still have to do
in a day with no slack. And don’t worry—

this moment promises not to turn spiritual
and tell you “Everything in its own time,”

or “Whenever you’re ready.” Let’s face it.
We both know things could be better,

you could be better. But this is about
realizing what it means to shoulder

the weight of each day and shift it
from sore hip to sore hip, only to get up

tomorrow and do it again. So, take this
moment, use it for one breath you can

let out slowly, and trust that this poem
knows it’s all you can spare, understands

why you’ll start again soon enough.

George Lober

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