A Bridge to There


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In “A Bridge to There,” the last poem in this collection, George Lober invites the reader to follow the “small footbridge zigzagging/across a creek thick with sedge and huckleberry,” to the other side, “to linger there long enough” to recall “something as familiar and delicate as the sound/of your almost forgotten name.” Reading A Bridge to There, one realizes that the finely wrought poems in this volume are, themselves, footbridges to familiar and delicate places of our everyday world, familiar because the poems deal with the human condition, especially human relationships, the source of so much of our suffering; delicate because Lober approaches this suffering with a tenderness and compassion which remind us of what defines our humanity. Each poem takes us “there,” to a place both outside and inside ourselves; a place at times exotically foreign in its freshness of vision and comforting in its familiarity. ~ Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts